Party Lab

Where artists come to play

We know writer’s block is a thing. But what about other art forms? Where do ideas for new works come from? Do you hit a wall sometimes when it comes to creativity?

ART e-Parties is planning to host monthly creative lab sessions, facilitating creative, experimental play time for artists. It may lead anywhere or nowhere. Lab session numbers will be limited so everyone gets an opportunity to participate.

Each month, there’ll be a theme or concept proposed for artists to explore. Participating artists will be invited to facilitate so there are new ideas circulating in the lab each month. There will be time limited responses to the themes within the sessions, with further exploration of how the resulting ideas might develop following. It may lead you to ideas for a new work, or offer the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. Who knows, an exhibition or performance may even come from the ideas developed.

The first Party Lab will be held on Wednesday, 22 July at 8pm AEST, with the idea being to hold them on a Wednesday, in the third week of each month (for about 1-1.5 hours) or in physical locations at at time to suit participatnts. This will be an introduction session to talk through the idea, answer any questions and set some themes for the coming months.

A Party Lab Artist Only page will be set up after the introduction session with information for each month’s lab, including the contact details of the participating artists so you can stay in contact.

Depending on interest, there may be a small facilitation fee required when Party Lab gets up and running. This will be a trial program until the end of 2020, after which it’ll be assessed as to whether to offer another round in 2021.

Interested? Contact ART e-Parties by email.

The first session will be held on Google Meets.