Art e-Parties

ART e-Parties was created in early 2020, during a time of world-wide chaos in the face of the Covid19 pandemic. As the arts sector continues to reel in shock at the impact of event cancellations, and creative freelancers and casuals worry about how they’ll survive the year ahead with reduced or little income, Australian artist and creative producer, Kim V. Goldsmith turned to her interest and knowledge of digital media and online platforms in search of an opportunity to create interest and activity within the sector – in Australia and internationally. ART e-Parties launched on 30 April 2020.

…a celebration of the creativity that endures even in times of crisis…

Kim V. Goldsmith

Designed as a simple ‘blank digital canvas’ on which to build online events – exhibitions, festivals, showcases, ART e-Parties’ first event is F50 – an international multi-arts festival curated and hosted by Kim in a celebration of the creativity that endures even in times of crisis, and her milestone birthday of 2020. The focus isn’t the website, it’s the art. As a website, ART e-Parties doesn’t work alone in isolation from other digital platforms or human engagement – social media plays a big role in promotion and interaction with audiences, as does live streaming and invitational teleconferenced events. Finding the right mix, is about knowing who the audience is.

See highlights of our first event

Live launch video

ART e-Parties was launched on 30 April, along with details of the first event, F50 – due to open 30 May.

What the artists say

Online exhibitions and festivals have been a question of accesibility long before COVID-19, and it remains to be hoped that these formats will be organized and recognized beyond pandemic lockdown.

Didi Hock, Germany

It felt like a great way to make connections across the globe and to help celebrate a joyful occasion – a lovely positive response to the crisis we are otherwise struggling with.

Andrew Howe, UK

…rather then being devoured on social media in a split second the viewer may be encouraged to take a bit more time with these viewing pieces, as they’re exclusive to the event.

Locky Naef, Australia

Let’s build something together.

If you’re interested in talking with us about hosting an event, we’re interested too.